Insurance details

All our vehicles are insured against damages done to and from third parties. If damage to our vehicle results because of the other vehicle's driver's fault, the damage is not covered from your Collision Damage Waiver, but from the insurance policy of the other vehicle (the third party). A police report has to be made, and the customer must give a statement of accident on the standard forms to be found at the ECR  desk. Call the nearest ECR office for assistance.

If our vehicle is damaged because of its driver's fault, the damage  will be covered 80 % from the insurance company and 20 % will be covered  from the driver. A police report has to be made, and the customer must give a statement of accident on the standard forms to be found at the ECR desk. Call the nearest ECR office for assistance.

Full Coverage Insurance (FCI) has some exceptions:

FCI does not cover damages on these parts: tires, tire tearing, tire disk covers, as well as damage of chassis, because these damages can be caused only by driver's carelessness;

FCI does not cover damage to the engine caused by lack of oil, or damage done to the oil pump;

FCI does not diminish responsibility for the damage caused by driving under influence of alcohol or drugs

FCI does not cover damage due to intentional blasting, explosives, setting on fire, or burning of the interior upholstery.

FCI does not cover damages caused by a driver that is not authorized in writing by us to drive the vehicle.

In case of accident, if there is no police report, FCI shall not be applicable at all, and the client is responsible for covering full damages.

Theft protection (TP) is not applicable in case of lost keys or any other careless attitude toward the keys or documents of a ECR vehicle.

Mandatory procedure:

In case of a traffic accident, customer has to call the police AND the nearest ECR location, give a written statement, and fill in all the necessary forms.

Cross border traffic

The driver should purchase the Green Card Insurance (at ECR office or at insurance company booths at the border). The rules of insurance are the same as in the Albanian territory.

Drop off fees

Pick up in Albania and drop off in a foreign country is not possible, unless you purchase chauffeur service accompanying the vehicle.

Possible extras

Rates usually include: daily rent (24 hours), unlimited mileage, CDW and TP.

Possible extras:

PAI (Personal Accident Insurance) may be bought locally , and it is not compulsory (EUR 15 per day + TAX 20 %)

Delays in the return of the vehicle are charged as follows:

0 - 2 hours = no extra charge

2 - 5 hours = 1/4th of daily rate

5 h and more = additional day

Delay in the return of the vehicle for 6 hours or more, without notifying a ECR agency, will be reported to the Police authorities.

Condition of vehicle upon delivery

All vehicles supplied will be prepared by ECR before pickup. Such preparation will be set out in the pre-rental checklist. All existing vehicle damages will be noted on a damage report prior to rental.

Condition of vehicle upon return

ECR requires that the vehicle be returned in the same condition as when rented, with intact tires, except for normal wear and tear excepted.

Extra equipment:

Child seats available on request for EUR 3 daily

Payment policy

Rental payment in advance. Cash Payment is accepted. For Compact and Economic vehicles a deposit of EUR 200 should be made, or EUR 300 for a Mid Size vehicle. This deposit will be returned at the end of the rental period.

Acceptable credit cards are VISA, Diners, MasterCard and Amex. We also accept Travelers Vouchers of the companies under agreement with Eagle Car Rentals.

Because of possible extras such as fuel or extensions of rental, etc., a blank slip of your credit card must be left at the beginning of the rental.

License Requirements

Drivers must produce a full driving license and have at least one year of continuous driving experience, without any serious penalty or disqualification prior to rental. Only the persons named on the rental agreement are permitted to drive the rental vehicle. Failure to adhere to this condition will result in the insurance being null and void. Age requirements: 21-year minimum. There is no maximum age.

Additional driver: One additional driver is allowed free of charge.

Car models

Car models listed are examples only - because of continual changing of the fleet. Reservations are to be booked by the car group only.

Parking and Driving Offence Administration

The customer is responsible for all penalties incurred relating to traffic offenses - parking tickets, etc. We will collect an administration fee of EUR 35 (plus 20%VAT) for processing these claims.

In the event of a traffic accident, the renter must advise an ECR representative immediately giving full details of the incident. In cases where there is property damage to the rental vehicle, we will provide you with a replacement one.


The customer acknowledges that any property left in the rental vehicle is at his or her own risk and that ECR has no responsibility for such property.

Key Charge

Where keys to vehicles supplied by Eagle Car Rental are lost whilst a vehicle is on rent, a charge of EUR 300 will be applied for the replacement key, plus extra costs where applicable. 

Lossing Car Documents

When the car documents to vehicles supplied by Eagle Car Rental are lost while a vehicle is on rent, a charge of EUR 200 will be applied.

Airport meeting details

There are special meeting arrangements at Airport Terminal, for the customers who book for the Airport Location.

Port meeting details

There are special meeting arrangements at Durresi, Vlora and Saranda Port Terminals, for the customers who book for those locations.