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Welcome to Eagle Car Rentals, your premier choice for car rental services in Albania. Established in 2014, we have been committed to delivering top-notch services to our clients, ensuring their travel experiences are as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Our Story

ECR is a dynamic car rental company headquartered in central Tirana, Mother Teresa airport and the port of Durrës. We have made it our mission to provide a car rental experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Our journey began in 2014 and since then, we have continuously evolved to meet the changing needs of our valued customers.

The ECR Difference

At ECR, we believe that a great car rental experience is built on a foundation of three pillars: Quality, Service, and Convenience.

Quality: Our fleet boasts a collection of new and comfortable vehicles, carefully selected to provide you with a reliable and enjoyable ride. We take pride in maintaining our cars in pristine condition, ensuring your safety and satisfaction.

Service: Our experienced and dedicated team is at the heart of our success. They are always ready to assist you in selecting the perfect vehicle for your needs and answering any questions you may have. With their expertise, you can trust that you're in capable hands.

Pick-Up Locations

You can pick up your car at our conveniently located ECR agencies in central Tirana, Mother Teresa airport and the port of Durrës and service throughout Albania. We have placed these locations strategically to offer you flexibility and convenience access to our services.

Our Commitment

At ECR Car Rentals, we understand that our success is linked to your satisfaction. That's why we are committed to providing you with the very best. From the moment you book with us to the time you return your vehicle, we are dedicated to ensuring your experience is hassle-free and enjoyable.

We look forward to serving you and being a part of your journey, whether it's for business or leisure. Thank you for choosing ECR Car Rentals as your trusted travel partner.

Contact us today and experience the ECR difference.


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All our vehicles are insured against liabilities with third parties.

If our vehicle is damaged by another car (found guilty), Casco Insurance shall not cover it, but the Faulty Driver’s Insurance Policy (as a third party) shall. A police report should be filed according to the applicable law and the client should describe the accident in the standard forms available in our offices, too. Call the nearest ECR office for the necessary assistance.

If our vehicle is damaged by the car driver who has it in use (found guilty), Casco Insurance shall cover 80% and the client shall cover 20%, always filing the required documents according to the applicable law: The Police Station’s expertise in which the client describes in details the accident in the standard forms. Call the nearest ECR office.

Casco Insurance does not cover:

Casco Insurance does not cover damages of these parts: tires, tire tearing, tire disk covers, mirrors’ theft, the damage of chassis (because this kind of damage is caused only from the carelessness of the car driver); Casco Insurance does not cover damages to the engine as a result of a bad fuel; or damages to the oil pump, too; Casco Insurance does not cover the damages caused by the car driver under the effect of alcohol or of different drugs; Casco Insurance does not cover the intended damages caused through explosions, arsons, explosives or caused by the fire of the car’s internal upholstery; Casco Insurance does not cover damages caused by drivers who are not authorized in a written form to use the car.

In case of accidents, if the client does not file a police report, Casco Insurance is not valid. (The client must pay all the monetary value of the damage according to the bill).

Theft protection (TP) shall not apply in case of lost keys or any other careless attitude toward the keys or documents of an ECR vehicle.

Casco Insurance does not cover damages when the driver (client) gets a ticket for reasons such as: wrong parking, wrong driving, not keeping the safety distance etc., even if the car driver is not guilty of the caused damage. In these cases, TPL Insurance is included automatically, covering only 50% of the damage and 50% is covered by the client.

Mandatory procedure:

In case of accident, the car driver must call the police and the nearest ECR agency, to describe the situation and to fill in the necessary documentation (forms).

Border crossing

The driver should purchase the Green Card Insurance (at ECR office or at insurance company booths at the border). The same procedures are followed for the insurances as in the Albanian territory.

Drop off

The car rental agreements of over two days give to the client the opportunity to take the vehicle in an ECR agency and to drop it off to another ECR agency without extra payment.

Pick up in Albania and drop off in a foreign country is not possible, unless you purchase an ECR chauffeur service accompanying the vehicle.

Booking confirmation.

All bookings will be sent and confirmed by the booking department possibly within 24 hours before taking the car.

In special occasions, during the peak season, ECR has the right not to confirm bookings after reaching the maximum capacity. In these cases, preliminary bookings would minimize the non-confirmations.

Possible extras

Rates usually include: daily rent (24 hours), unlimited kilometres (only inside the Albanian territory), the CDW and TP insurance (Casco Insurance and Anti-theft Insurance).

Possible extras include:

  • The delays in the car delivery without a contract with the ECR offices are accompanied with extra payments as below:

  • Over 2 hours – a full day; The delays on the car delivery over than 2 hours without notifying one of the ECR agencies will be reported to the police authorities.

Condition of vehicle upon delivery

All vehicles will be prepared by ECR before pickup. Such preparation will be set out in the pre-rental checklist. All existing vehicle damages will be noted on a damage report prepared in advance by ECR.

Condition of vehicle upon return

ECR requires that the vehicle be returned in the same condition as when rented, with intact tires, except for normal wear and tear excepted.


Additions and extra:

1. Child seats (upon request): for 5 Euros daily.

2. GPS (upon request) 5 Euros.

Booking time: At least 3 days before.

Drop off and pick up

The process of dropping off and picking up the vehicle is available only upon client’s request.

During working time, the limit inside a city is 1.5 Euro/KM + 20% VAT.

For any possible request, contact the booking department.

Payment policy

Rental payment in advance. Cash Payment is accepted. For Compact, Economic and Mid-size groups a deposit of EUR 200 should be made, or EUR 300 for a Mid-Size vehicle. This deposit will be returned at the end of the rental period. Acceptable credit cards are VISA, MasterCard Amex and Travelers Vouchers of the companies under agreement with Eagle Car Rentals.

Because of possible extras such as fuel or extensions of rental, etc., a blank slip of your credit card must be left at the beginning of the rental.

License Requirements

Drivers must possess a full driving license and have at least three year of continuous driving experience, without any serious penalty or disqualification prior to rental.

Only the persons named on the rental agreement are permitted to drive the rental vehicle. Failure to adhere to this condition will result in the insurance being null and void.

Age requirements: 21-year minimum. There is no maximum age.

Additional driver: The second additional driver includes a payment of EUR 10 a day.

Car models

Car models listed are examples only - because of continual changing of the fleet. Reservations are to be booked by the car group only. (mentioned in the 2 letters of the code).

Fuel conditions

The car is dropped off in the ECR agency with the same amount of fuel that it had before the use. If not, there will be applied a penalty of 10 Euros (VAT included) plus the cost of the fuel that it is needed.

Parking and Driving Offences Administrative Actions

The customer is responsible for all penalties incurred relating to traffic offenses - parking tickets, etc. We will collect an administration fee of EUR 35 (plus 20%VAT) for non-telling while processing these claims.

In the event of a traffic accident, the renter must advise an ECR representative immediately giving full details of the incident. In cases where there is property damage to the rental vehicle, we will provide you with a replacement one.

Personal possessions.

The customer acknowledges that any property left in the rental vehicle is at his or her own risk and that ECR has no responsibility for such property.

Extra payments for the keys.

Where keys to vehicles supplied by Eagle Car Rental are lost whilst a vehicle is on rent, a charge of EUR 300 will be applied for the replacement key, plus extra costs where applicable.

Airport meeting details

There are special meeting arrangements at Airport Terminal, for customers who book for the Airport Location in the ECR agency at the airport.

Port meeting details

There are special meeting arrangements at Durresi, Vlora and Saranda Port Terminals, for the customers who book for those locations in one of ECR agency at Durresi, Vlora and Saranda Port.

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